How it Happened: CBN Hall Robbed

CBN Hall Robbed???
February 12, 2017
Monday, 13th February 2017 Activities Cancelled
February 13, 2017

How it Happened: CBN Hall Robbed

The University of Uyo’s CBN hall was robbed yesterday by armed gunmen. This took place between the hours of 9.45pm and 10.30pm.

Unknown Gunmen attacked the University of Uyo’s CBN hall yesterday night while students were busy preparing for their examinations the next day. Cell phones, Laptops, and other electronic gadgets were gotten from students by the gunmen who raided the whole hall. Witnesses also say that RM 49/50 was also robbed yesterday night whole cultist took advantage of thee situation to rob students who used the Town Campus Mini Stadium Area while fleeing to get themselves safe.

Our witness Miss Idara who was at Convocation Park when the incident started says the gunmen actually entered the hall unarmed but after getting a phone from the first victim who tried to fight back, they decided to pull out their weapons. One of them fired a shot which alarmed other students who started making runs for safety. Most of the things gotten are believed to have been left there by students who take life as priority. Female students like her who made it safely back to the hostelwere not allowed in by the porters since it was already past 10pm, at which this hostel doors are meant to be locked.

Another witness has it that some students ran to the gate area in other to inform the gatekeepers about the ongoing incident and also get the gates locked. According to them, the gatekeepers were reluctant at first, but when they noticed stream of students making haste towards their direction, they now took action – locking up the gates not letting anybody in or out of the campus.

The SUG President and Comr. Kufre Samuel other SUG executives made it to school hours after the incident took place and were able to get the incident and current situation at the time of arrival to principal officers in this school like the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Dean of Students Affairs and the chief security officer. Police Surveillance was called for and reports have it that some suspects we’re arrested.

Robberies like this where electronic gadgets have been gotten from students have always been heard of but never at the scale experienced yesterday. This bring questions of the State of Security in Nigerian Federal Universities. We say this because a school like University of Uyo only has Gatekeepers and no armed security officials at any strategic position. This matter of security should be seriously looked into as safety of students matter a lot.

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