Interview with Bobby VIE

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June 13, 2017
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September 3, 2017

Interview with Bobby VIE

The past 3 years has seen lot of students picking interest in music. UniuyoGist plans to have an interview with most of these artists, both prominent and upcoming ones. Victor Ime happens to be one of the prominent ones. He was the recipient of Uniuyo’s best male artist in the just concluded Uniuyo Talent and Awards Night 2017 (UTAN 2017). This is how the interview went.

Good morning Victor. Thanks for having us.

Morning. It’s a pleasure.

OK. Let’s begin by knowing who you really are?

I Am Victor Ime Ekpo.  An indigene of Nsit Ibom local government area in Akwa Ibom state. I grew up in Kano state. I am a 19 years old rapper. I go by the stage name BOBBY VIE. Lest I forget, I am a 400lvl student of Law in University of Uyo.

The stage name Bobby VIE, what made you go with it?

Lol… I have had several stage names really from Bobby to Bobby Rapman, but I decided to go with Bobby VIE because Bobby is d first name I got from my mum and it’s so special to me while VIE is d initials from my name. So I just coined it together to get BOBBY VIE.

Seriously we couldn’t have though of that as the reason behind the name. When did you notice you could sing?

Lol… Please I can not sing o. I have the worst voice on earth. OK on a serious note, I started the music stuff in my SSS1 which was 2013, we came out as a group then in Kano called Flawless Clique which had 4 boys and a girl. So when we broke in 2014 I really took the music stuff seriously and since then released over 15 tracks. So I’ll say the clique brought out the talent in Me especially a senior brother called Ife he really brought me up in the music game.

So are you saying the group inspired you to pursue music as a career or something else inspired you?

Am saying the group brought out that talent that was hidden in me and since then I haven’t stopped pursuing the music career.

Alright. So what genre of music do you do?

I am into hip-hop precisely. But you know we are in a country where pure hip-hop would not really move the market so I try to balance it with Afro like I did on my last track – Telemi or the Naija rap sound I did on Champion. I have a mixtape coming out soon. It would cut across all the sections of rap music including Dance Hall, Rap, Trap, Afro beat and Pop, But my major is Hip-Hop with Naija sounds fused in it.

Saying that , what can you say generally about Nigeria’s music Industry?

I think the Nigerian Rap industry has been overshadowed by Afro Beats and club tracks. Am not saying we shouldn’t have such definitely na Naija we dey; we like to party but I think rap/hip-hop needs to be respected more and given more audience. I think it’s the lack of audience that makes us to have a lesser standard of rap songs and less of hit of rap songs. So with more audience from the people trust me rap would be redefined in this country because we have so many good rappers who just need the audience to showcase what they’ve got.

Nice. You tend to go with casual and simple pertaining to your dress code; Why that?

Haha… Mehn, as you see me so eh,  I no like stress for this life… I just love to take things easy. Do what makes me happy and wear what I feel is okay. If I need to be serious I will but generally just look good with what u wear – That is my dress code.

How do you cope with studies and your career in music?

To be sincere it ain’t easy. But we thank God for d success academically. Few weeks ago my dad consented to my music after so many years. So before then he went to check my faculty for my grades and he told m he was impressed. So I try as much as I can to balance both.

Very impressive. What mistakes do you wish to avoid in this career?

That is a really nice question I must say. First of all I want to make sure I still have a relationship with God even while in my music and also totally avoid drugs!!! Also the mission to the rap game which is to bring back d real definition of rap. I pray not to loose guard of that too.

Nice. You have been performing at different places and events recently; If people want to contact you for shows and promotions, how do they go about it?

OH… Thanks for the observation but we just dey push the hustle small small… OK to contact me – You get through my Instagram account @bobby_vie or twitter account @Bobby_vie02 or facebook @bobbyvierapman. You can also contact me through my mail – bobbyimefresh@gmail.com and also if you do have my whatsapp contact you could.

The new album, Can you just throw more light on it and when should we expect it?

OK. My mixtape would be a 10 track project. Comprising of different genres of rap music. From Hip-Hop to Afro sounds to Naija sounds to Trap to Dance Hall to Rap tracks to some Electronic beats fused with Pop. It’s really going to be an expression of myself that is why am naming it THE EXPRESSION OF VIE. It’s going to be really deep with tracks to make other rappers sit up!!! Would have some features on it not too sure on who for now but one name am 100% sure of is Ife. I don’t really have a date yet but very soon.

OK. What’s your advice for anybody that wants to take up music as a career?

Lol… I can’t really give so much right now because am still very young in it but I have a code which has always helped me. God’s Favour, Hard Work and Time – These 3 keys have really helped me in my career!!! Hard Work is extremely necessary also. It takes you to where you haven’t been – That’s my little advice.

OK. Where do you see your self in 3-5 years time?

3-5 years time I should be able to count my achievements in the rap industry. Being a name to be reckoned on and someone that has also influenced the upcoming artist. Encouraging them that there is hope to still deliver good music in the industry.

Which musician(s) do you look up to in Nigeria and abroad?

For Nigeria simple – M.I, Vector and Poe. Abroad – Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Wale.

And do you wish to perform on the same stage with all of them, and who else would you like to perform with?

Yes… I really wish to especially Nasty C because of his young age. I think Phyno and Sarkodie are two other rappers I really love to perform with.

Thank you very much for having us. We would be expecting your mixtape.

Thank you very much also for the interview with me. It’s been a pleasure!!! And yeah the mixtape would be worth the hype!!! God bless you at the top.

UniuyoGist …informing you.

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