Mixed Reactions as ASUU calls off Strike

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September 22, 2017
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September 25, 2017

Mixed Reactions as ASUU calls off Strike

ASUU during the late hours of Monday 18th September 2017 suspended it’s 6 weeks strike stating clearly it’s intention to embark on the strike again if FG does not act on their own part of the bargain by October Ending.

The National Association of Nigerian Students through its president applauded ASUU and FG for resolving issues speedily and giving students the opportunity to go back to the classroom and learn. But it seems not all students are pleased with the development as some of them wanted the strike to last a bit longer.

Below are some of the reactions we got in our survey of University of Uyo with respect to the suspended strike:

Dumebi Ofili, A Medical student had this to say: “Lol, I have mixed feelings. I Am happy to resume lectures at the same time sad that I won’t give 100% attention to clinical aspect of my studies. I am glad my stay in school won’t be really prolonged.”

Promise Eduok, A Fine and Industrial Art student had this to say: “The suspended strike brought great joy to some of the students, especially to me. Whatever happens, this strike has been called off school should resume and students should go back to their studies. Believe me there’s no joy staying at home!”

Itoro Umoette, A History and International Studies student had this to say: “I am not excited at all. I want the strike back, because I have loads of things to straighten out before school resumes and common, this people haven’t even gotten what they wanted. In solidarity, sprinkled with selfishness, I say, they should not back down.”

Emmanuel Nelson, A Physiology student had this to say: “I am happy the strike has been suspended, though it is not a full call-off. I hope FG & ASUU can work out all the issues so this kind of scenario won’t be repeated.”

Toby Nsikak, A Biochemistry student had this to say: “Academic sector is definitely the mother of all sectors in every developed, underdeveloped and developing countries economy. As such, all nations who want to succeed should never toil with this sector of the government. Strike therefore impedes or inhibit the smooth growth of a nation and by extension, the world at large. Therefore, to me, the suspension of the strike action by ASUU is a welcome and appreciative development. It is a catalyst to the journey of AFRICA.”

Prince Kossy Nwankwo, A Biochemistry student had this to say: “Personally, I do not find the strike suspension to be welcoming. It came as a shock to me. I had laid plans on how to use this strike period to acquire some skills that I can’t possibly do during the rush hours of resumption. As a person, this strike would have been perfect if it were to be called off by December; but then, looking at it generally, the suspension of Asuu strike is healthy for our academic life.”

Comrade Edidiong Uyeh (The Navigator), Director of Transport, SUG; A Mechanical Engineering Student had this to say: “Whenever ASUU goes on strike it is detrimental to the Academic Pursuit of every Nigerian student, so this suspension should be good news to all Nigerian students. It shouldn’t just be ASUU suspending their strike but them working hand in hand with FG  to prevent possible re-occurrence in the nearest future so as not to dwindle the academic calendar of schools. Strikes like this brings about a shift in the academic calendar. I am very happy that this strike has been suspended and that soon enough all academic activities will resume. It’s a good thing, a very good development.”

Comrade Inyene Dominic (The Informer), Director of Information, SUG; A Law student had this to say: “The last time ASUU embarked on an indefinite strike (2013), it lasted for 6months, so for this one to be suspended (though conditional) after just 5weeks, I think with time they won’t even be embarking on strike anymore.  It’s now up to the Federal Government to ensure that they keep to their promise before the end of October so that ASUU won’t have any reason to resume the strike. With the strike suspended after 5 weeks, it hasn’t really affected academic calendars of Universities (e.g uniuyo) like a 6 months strike would have.”

Normally ASUU has always embarked on strikes, and after several negotiations usually suspend the strike with the condition that they would go back on strike if their demands are not met within a given time but never do so until years later.

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