Students bemoan poor water and power supply

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January 16, 2018
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January 17, 2018

Students bemoan poor water and power supply

Since students returned from the just concluded Christmas and New year break, they have been complains by students who stay in the schools hostel accommodation of poor supply of services especially water and light. Things seemed to be worse immediately after resumption but got better as school progressed in the town and annex campus of the school, but they seemed to be no significant change in the situation at the permanent site.

Students have to go through a lot to live a decent life in University of Uyo community. Some recalling their days in secondary school where they had to stand  in long queues at night in order to get water for the next day, sometimes the before it gets to your turn, the water stops running and you have to wait till whenever water starts running the next day to get a bath. Some even get o miss their early morning classes because the water comes late in the day for them o get a bath. Those who can afford always get a bag of water everyday for N150 in order to have a bath and go to class.

with respect to light, some students said the voltage of light they get, a torchlight could be brighter than atimes; if they even get to see the light at all. In the male hostel, it could be good in some rooms and very poor in a few. Students stay in hot classes to attend lecture (considering the current high environmental temperatures recently). The situation with light seems better in the campuses on Ikpa road but according to findings, very bad in The main campus at Nwaniba. The students there don’t even get to see light at all unless at night when the generators are put on. Another complain we got from students in the main campus was that they generator is always put on late at night somedays, probably between 8pm and 10pm or later as the case may be.

When we got these complains, we decided to hear from some of the Student Union Government Executive who make use of the Hostel accommodation and we were told that the issue has been laid to appropriate authorities and that the situation is being handled in every means possible, that students should expect things to get better much sooner than later. The situation to an extent was still  attributed to the ongoing strike by non-academic staff unions.

Students are definitely not happy with he current situation and plead with the school authority to come to their aid.

What are your thoughts?

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