2018 Appropriation Bill Passed by Senate, Awaits Signing by President

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May 6, 2018
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May 10, 2018

2018 Appropriation Bill Passed by Senate, Awaits Signing by President

The Appropriation Bill for 2018 presented by Uniuyo’s SUG President to the SUG Senate was on Friday, 4th May, 2018 finally passed after a long wait; and now awaits being signed by the Union’s President.

The senate passed the bill at a hearing in the School’s Moot Court chamber with all of senate members, most exec’s and some members of the public present.

The bill was delayed because of the NASU strike and other issues. The budget was vetted by the senate immediately after the first semester examinations. Applications were made by the senate to the Students’ Affairs department for funds so as to print vetted copies of the bill and hold a plenary in order to pass it.

According to Senator Riki Siman Thomas, Senator Representing Basic Medical Sciences in the Hallowed Chamber, “The bill spells hope for the Nigerian students and an attempt to create positive impact in the lives of Tuskites if followed to the latter… Of course, the union can not solve all the problems of Nigerian students but in the little way it can, it seeks to deliver Mr Presidents’ promises. The future is not a timeline that is yet to come. The future has began already. This generation of leaders seeks to solve the problems of now and pass on solutions to the next generation. The Senate is doing all within her powers to make laws that would tackle problems for the coming leaders.”

L-R: Sen. Kingsley Onyemachi (Business Administration), Sen. Emmanuel Ernest (Clinical Sciences), Sen. Riki Siman (Basic Medical Scientist), Sen. Edikan Ufanobong (Education), Sen. Utibe Udotong (Enviromental), Sen. Johnny Itah (Pharmacy), Sen. Victor Ugwuegbu (Agriculture), Sen. Emediong David (Arts), Sen. Emediong Essien – Senate President (Law)

The Senate after waiting for so long and being under serious pressure by Nigerian students decided to hold plenary to pass the budget. This was a last resort to bestow confidence on the red chambers. No refreshment was given to participants after plenary to the disgust of most.

Vetted copies of the bill can’t be released till after it has been signed by the President of the Union.

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