2018 UNIUYO SUG Elections: Martins Asukpa withdraws from presidential race; Pledges support for Emediong Ekanem

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June 9, 2018
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2018 UNIUYO SUG Elections: Martins Asukpa withdraws from presidential race; Pledges support for Emediong Ekanem

Comrade Martins Asukpa Ukana (Leader Team Embrace Progress), a 400 lvl student of the prestigious faculty of law, yesterday, 9th of June, 2018 around 8.17am in a Facebook post withdrew from his former stance of contesting for the post of President in the upcoming 2018 UNIUYO SUG Elections.

This news came as a shock to most of the University community as he had gone a long way with his publicity and agenda. But decided to withdraw in other to uphold the unity of his faculty and not under any pressure or for political benefits. Anyway he received great commendation from students of and outside his faculty for the gesture.

He didn’t just step down, but also pledged support for his friend and fellow contender from the same faculty Comrade Emediong Ekanem (Leader Team I Believe). He urged all his supporters to join in Emediong’s dream and help him win the upcoming elections while also telling Emediong to make sure he does the needful. He also stated that he will support The “I Believe” with 50,000.

Read his full withdrawal post below.

I wish to sincerely appreciate the Lord God Almighty for his continuous grace over my life as a person.
I am UKANA, MARTINS ASUKPA, a 400 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Uyo.
Firstly, I would love to sincerely and from the very depth of my heart appreciate all tuskites who had for once had the convictions and reasons to believe in our dream, vision and project; #The_Embrace_Progress Project, indeed I Martins Asukpa will forever remain grateful and proud of having you believed in me against all odds.
It is now a public knowledge that I had the ambition of running for the office of the students union government president of this great citadel of learning, this leadership ambition of mine was passionately and sincerely driven by a genuine desire to improve the general wellbeing of our students whose learning and living conditions to me was still in a condition of dilemma.
To me some of the challenges which were confronting our students and which I believed sincerely needed an immediate redress among others included;
I. Very poor learning and living environment
II. The lack of adequate hostel facilities, such as water, electricity and bongs
III. Poor students-management relationship
IV. Insecurity
V. Lack of an academic support fund to financially-disadvantaged students, among others.
VI. Unnecessary exploitation of students by some lecturers and staff among others.
Having carefully observed all these, I came to the conclusion that indeed we have been sincerely stagnated over the past years of students unionism and therefore it was my firm and sincere believe that it was indeed time for us as a people to make progress in all areas and in all ramifications.
Therefore, In order to achieve this, it was my firm believe that ALL that we needed to do as a people was to all rise up together and #EMBRACE_PROGRESS, and therefore this was how the project and ideology of The #Embrace_Progress came to be.
Similarly, within a very short period of time, our message and campaign of #Embrace_Progress went round the university community like a wild fire and indeed thousands of our students having heard of our dreams and genuine intentions embraced the vision even without meeting me personally before.
Truly, today I make bold to say that our impact was greatly felt and our supporters were truly committed to the cause and project, and once again I want to say “am truly grateful for passionately believing in me”
However, today as a human, filled with feelings and emotions, I regret to announce to everyone that I am no longer running for the office of the Students Union Government President of our dear citadel of learning.
This is so because, recently there has been a serious crisis rocking my faculty, owing to the fact that atleast three aspirants emerged from within the same faculty and also aspiring for the same position at the SUG level.
This seriously led to the faculty being turn apart and the center not being able to hold anymore.
But as a child of destiny, I sincerely believe that I was to be just like the biblical “JOHN THE BAPTIST” who was to be the sacrificial lamb and who was to prepare the way for the one who was to come.
Let it be on notice that my decision is completely personal and without any form of pressure or for any financial or political benefit from anybody or group of persons, rather its just to ensure that peace and unity returns.
It is therefore for the sole purpose of restoring back peace, unity and to sincerely bring the much talked about progress to my faculty and indeed to our students union that I have decided to publicly make this bold step of WITHDRAWING FROM THE SUG PRESIDENTIAL RACE in order to ensure that only one candidate is presented from our faculty and to ensure that the much needed support he deserves is given to him.
I am doing this despite the fact that we had the strongest, committed and indeed the most well structured campaign team.
Also on my part, I pledge to support his campaign team with the sum of fifty thousand naira and I also urge and plead with well-meaning persons and colleagues to do same in order to ensure that he emerges as the student’s union government president of our union.
His name is EMEDIONG EKANEM, he is a brother and a friend in the same strugle.
I therefore publicly declare ALL MY SUPPORT for him from this moment and hereby handover my structure, vision and the #Embrace_Progress project to him, for him to run with, emerge and execute.
I hereby call on my teaming supporters to please join hands with him to achieve this dream, because THIS IS MY DREAM TOO.
I hereby pray that God will grant us victory and will continue to strengthen and bless our union forever as we all rise to #BELIEVE & #EMBRACE_PROGRESS.
EMEDIONG EKANEM, please donot fail me because am a man with a broken heart yet I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
I AM MARTINS ASUKPA, the SUG President that you all never had.

What are your thoughts?

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