Emediong Ekanem’s Thank you Message

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July 16, 2018
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July 20, 2018

Emediong Ekanem’s Thank you Message


For believing, for always standing by me. For standing up for a student friendly, people centered government. For believing that the President can be your friend, for the love, I say Thank You.

I feel directly indebted to you, to you who said I’m voting Emediong because he is my friend to you who voted because of the believe in my capacity to deliver. To you who called always to check up on me, to you who covered up for me academically. To you who aided me financially. A duty of care I owe, to love to serve, to prove I’m never too young to lead!.

Two years ago this intention was hatched, Two years later God used you, never for once did I have an official sponsor, but you have proven that money is necessary but relationship is indispensable. You cheered me to success, you literally carried me on your heads. You changed your names to Emediong Ekanem.

I remember, when I first declared my intention, two striking issues to contend with was physical appearance and the law student jinx. Nevertheless, like I’ve always said Everything is possible to him who believes. Uniuyo, I believed.

On the sponsorship, thank you to everyone who gave me little tokens, for the contributions, for the 100naira, the 200naira and the 1,000 pulled together by my teammates.
Thank you my photographer Savy alhaji, thank you Micheal class my designer,you both won 25% of the election.

I remember having free designs, I remember people dry cleaning my cloths for no fee. I remember the calls,I remember the texts, I remember the everyday WhatsApp intense publicity. University of UYO I remember.

I’m young. I understand my success came from the common Nigerian students. The one who no one knows his name, the loner. The one who believed Emediong will be his saviour. Most importantly, I remember about 30mins to 8am on Friday the 13th, I sent a message across to over 600 students,begging them to remember the times we had together ,to consolidate the believe on the existing relationship and they did.

I appreciate, all those who studied in St Brian’s Model College, members of the W.C.F as well as its leadership,NIFES Ibiono Ibom students association,and all sons and daughters of the land. I appreciate sincerely the female folk. The Engineering students who went against cartel decisions to ensure I excel. The social science students who reported the case of my votes being torn. I appreciate you, the one who said Emediong I believe!.

The Prestigious Faculty of Law, thank you for understanding that Unity is the new Power. You’re my home and I love you.

I appreciate specially My opponents in the race; Theresa Nde, Dianabasi Robinson, Emmanuel Ernest Ukachukwu, Ifiok Andrew, Abasianam James and Ndianaabasi Nkop. You people made the race worthwhile. You are no longer opponents but reputable Comrades and I accordingly, extend my hands to you with love that you may hold it and together we can build the Union we long dreamt of.

To the King, the one who enthrones and dethrones, the one who chooses leaders, the father to those who have none, the God Almighty, Thank you.

The promised Prince is here, one with zero tolerance for oppression, a heart of love and a face of hope. Your brother, your friend. Never again will you have to cry the tears of oppression, the tears of mismanagement , the tears of the average student. Uniuyo listen, with me, you’re enthroned. I sincerely love you.

University of UYO, I love you. With all that’s within my power, I promise to be the best President you’ll ever have. I promise to remain accessible, I promise to be your friend. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve. Now its time to practice the love I preach. Thank you for believing.


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