Emmanuel Akpan’s Inauguration Speech

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September 10, 2019
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November 16, 2019

Emmanuel Akpan’s Inauguration Speech


Sometime around last year I discussed with God and bared my mind’s content to him about my dream; my true intention to SET THE PACE for the entirety of the Nigerian Students here in the University of Uyo. He, I told first immediately the intention surfaced. And so today, as it is only appropriate, I would like to first and foremost ascribe all thanks to Him who is the mainspring of my emergence, for finding me a worthy occupant of the office of the students’ union’s president for the 2019/2020 academic session. Indeed, the journey was strenuous and came with discomfort in its whole, but I believe it was more of a training, a necessary training to help build my bones, expand my horizons and prepare me for the task ahead -the task of SETTING THE PACE for the over twenty-five thousand students of the University of Uyo.

The dream was dreamt in isolation, but it took the enormous efforts of thousands of Nigerian students for it to come to materialization. To the many good friends who pitched their tents with the PACE SETTERS family and found the dream worthy of being called theirs; I remain greatful. As Chinua Achebe would say, “he who has friends is richer than he who has money” ; You all proved this word of wisdom by your show of true friendship especially when it mattered most. Your immeasurable supports -physical, moral, spiritual, e.t.c. can never be overemphasized. Thank you so much.

To Mr and Mrs Anthony Akpan, my ever reliable parents here present, I’m grateful to you. My thanks also go to Prof Eniefiok Essien (Senior Advocate of Nigerian – SAN ), the Vice Chancellor of our great citadel; Prof. Godwin Udom, my beloved Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture; Dr Jude Obi, my able Head of Department; Dr Ofombok Obot, my Staff Adviser; and of course not forgetting Dr Aniekan Brown, very active and agile Dean of Students Affairs for making peace and fairness his prime concern during the election. May God continue to bless you without seizing.

I stand here to thank my very own constituency , the Prestigious Faculty of Agriculture headed by my Faculty president ,his team of Executives and the stakeholders Chairman for believing in me and standing firmly to ensuring that their son emerges Victorious. I especially thank the Faculties of Engineering , Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical sciences, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Sciences, Law , Pharmacy, Education, Arts, Environmental Studies and Continuing Education. Your contributions to my success can never be over emphasized.
Today, our journey has just begun, with my promises still as new as they were the first days they were made, and with my paramount interest inclined on SETTING THE PACE. You have worn a hat on my head as a symbol of headship to serve as your leader for this one year. However, it is with your cooperation which I stand here to plead for, that those good intentions can be achieved to the fullest. All of us is greater than one of us. For this one year, together we shall build the Tuskers Republic of our dream, devoid of violence, oppression, intimidation, and other inimical vices.

I extend my appreciation to my fellow Comrades who ran this race with me. The victory is ours regardless of who emerged the winner. Let us all join hands to ensure we achieve the best for our Union. As I promised from the onset , this government will be hinged on service and so shall it be throughout my tenure. To thank God for all his many acts of faithfulness, we will have our first Solemn Assembly and Evening of Christmas Carols.

God bless Tuskers Republic,
God bless the 27th Executives and the Senators of the Students’ Union, University of Uyo,
God bless Akwa-Abasi Ibom State,
God bless Nigeria,
God bless us all!

Thank you!

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