Lecturer Flogs Student During Practicals in UNIUYO

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January 26, 2020
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March 6, 2020

Lecturer Flogs Student During Practicals in UNIUYO

A male lecturer in University of Uyo yesterday flogged a female student during chemistry practicals in faculty of science laboratory building of the University of Uyo yesterday.

The said lecturer noticed the female student sitting comfortably on the laps of a male student during his practical lecture and drew the attention of the class to them. Reports reaching us is that he tried taking pictures of the students and they resisted.

When they resisted, he decided to get a gas pipe in the lab and flog the female student. This action led to other students ganging up on him trying to stop him from beating the female students and letting him know he has no right to do that.

Source: uniuyofinest_

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