Akwa Ibom Guidelines for School Reopening

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August 7, 2020
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Akwa Ibom Guidelines for School Reopening

The Akwa Ibom State Government permitted schools in the state to Open since the Federal Government of Nigeria gave the go ahead for resumption on 4th August for students and pupils in exiting classes.

In view of this, the following guidelines were released by the state ministry of education for schools on how they should go about resumption.

To be able to return our students back to school, these are the minimum standard that has to be allowed:

(1) Provision of adequate number of classrooms for physical distancing. We prescribe that no class should have more than 20 students. This gives room for effective management, monitoring, contact tracing incase of any infection.

(2) All Candidates Must Wear a FaceMask: Parents are mandated to provide facemasks for their children.

(3) All Schools Must Have Running Water: We have to provide borehole in all our schools with a good number of washing points or alternatively provide plastic water reservoirs that will provide running water for washing of hands.

(4) We must provide washing liquid soaps and handsanitizers for disinfection of ourhands.

(5) We must provide disposable tissue papers for cleaning of hands after washing.

(6) We must maintain clean sanitary condition in our lavatories, toilets and urinary.

(7) Provision of infrared thermometers in all schools.

(8) We must give special Training to our teachers on how to teach in the Covid-19 Pandemic era.

(9) We must also sensitize students and parents on the danger and prevention of Corona Virus infection.

(10) We must carry out fumigation, general cleaning and grass cutting in all our schools.

(11) We must have at least one make-shift school clinic in case a student falls sick.

(12) A special toll-free number will be provided to enable easy communication with the Medical Team of the “Covid-19 Committee”in the State in case of emergency.

(13) On resumption of schools, there will be no Assembly ofany nature.

(14) There will also be no break; the students will only be given 5 to 10minutes break to enable them stretch their legs.

(15) Learners may arrive and depart at different times to avoid overcrowding.

(16) When weather permits, the use of outdoors shelter for learning should be encouraged as its limits the rate of transmission.


Mrs. Enobong Mbobo

Hon. Commissioner

Ministry of Education

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